Why It Must Begin Anew

For some, writing about music is glamorous or thrilling. It's a way for average idiots (like myself) to place themselves in the same realm as artists, albeit not on quite the same level of that realm. It's a chance to scrape the sky and grasp at something greater. This is not to be frowned upon, although the reality of writing about music over an extended period of time, for all its joys and thrills, is never quite as shiny and sexy as one might imagine.

I've used writing as a means of processing reality since I was a child. I've written about music since 2012. In the scheme of things, I'm still a newcomer. Still, I realize I've been at it as a determined fool running a solo blog longer than some newly prominent sites have been around. That's not a knock at anybody else's work, as we all share the same goal, but I realize that this is all relative and there are a couple dozen people who seem to enjoy what I do. While that's great, I'd be doing this regardless of my audience (or, often, the lack thereof).

For me, writing about music is bittersweet. It often feels like a task that must be done. It carries a sense of responsibility and weight. Sometimes it's even a joyless act, akin to mowing the yard. Still, it's a self-assigned burden and it's one that feels so close to the core of me that I can't imagine shrugging it off. I'm aware this sounds vain. It often feels it, too. Still, every time I try to turn off the part of me that wants to absorb art and regurgitate my experience, something goes awry. I don't need anybody to read my writing, but I know that without the act of writing, a need of mine would be forever unaddressed.

I've detailed the reason for ending my old site already, so there's no need to go into it in detail here. I merely hope you'll enjoy following my continued journey into music as a means of self-exploration and in better understanding the world around me. If you don't connect with this new endeavor, that's also fine. I'm ultimately doing this for my own joy and I would never want you to follow along without gaining your own joy from it. Thank you for entering The Sunken Temple. I hope you'll stay a while.